Alexander Palamarchuk and his son Daniel

My name is Alexander Palamarchuk. I’m glad to welcome you on my personal website. Here we may to become better acquainted in case you’re interested in my person.

For many years I lived and worked in Moscow, Russia. I loved it, I still do, but it so happened that in 2013 I moved to Germany. Since then I live and work in Berlin and all my plans are linked with this amazing city.

I’m a web-developer. My entire professional life, since 2002. Mostly backend, although I have vast experience in frontend as well. My primary programming language is PHP (officially certified by Zend), databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL. The company I work for is plista GmbH - one of the most succeeded and famous German IT startups ever, an hi-tech online advertising platform, which is nowadays presented in many countries. Before I developed big online stores, ERP systems, sports and betting portals, industrial monitoring systems, innovative front-end solutions and then some.

For more details about technologies and career steps please see my profile on LinkedIn.

The area of my professional expertise is wide, but right now I’m concentrated on the cutting-edge testing technologies, Test Driven Development, Clean Code practices and Continuous Deployment approaches. Feel free to contact me if you need some consulting.

I speak fluent English, it’s my working language. I speak German. My mother tongue is Russian.

My family life is happy. My beautiful wife Irina and me raise a son by name Daniel. We like to travel and like to be together the most. Me personally like reading, jogging, basketball, birdwatching.

Thanks for visiting!